Thursday, January 13, 2011

Backstage With Actress Mukta Barve

Maharashtrian sons of the soil have a passion and zeal to achieve and overcome obstacles. This passion also reflects in their love for the game of Kabaddi…

Keeping in tune with the kabaddi spirit, the father in the narrative has moved from rags to riches.. But his daughter is ready to put every thing at stake for her love of the game.. This father daughter duo standing on the opposite sides of the line,

Promise you a nail biting duel to the finish….

Writer    : Jitendra Patil
Director : Mangesh Kadam
Music    : Ashok Patki

Cast : Vinay Apte, Mukta Barve, Sujata Deshmukh,
Asha Chandorkar, Mangesh Kadam, Anand Ingale,  Jitendra Patil


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