Monday, January 24, 2011

Sameer Soni and Neelam Kothari finally married on January 23

TV actor Sameer Soni and his lady-love Neelam Kothari finally married on January 23.

Sameer, who made quite a name for his bold stand in the ‘Bigg Boss 4’ says, “We’re having a very quiet wedding ceremony on January 23, just Neelam’s parents and mine and our siblings. Then we will have a wedding reception for all our friends on January 26.We’re going crazy trying to draw up a list of invitees for the reception. Between me and Neelam we’ve so many people to call.”

And Sameer hasn’t forgotten his ‘Bigg Boss’ inmates. He will invite all of them, even the ones he didn’t get along with. Samir spells out why, “That’s what decorum demands. Throughout my stint at “Bigg Boss” I maintained my dignity. That’s what I had promised to do to my parents. They were dead against my going. I had assured them I wouldn’t shame them. I think I kept my word. I lasted quite long in there. The experience has taught me to be patient.”

The couple have no honeymoon plans as of now. Explains Samir, “I’ve stayed away from Mumbai long enough because of the show. So no honeymoon for now. But yes, kids are definitely on the anvil for us. Both of us are so quiet that we need some activity in the house,” laughs Sameer.

While accepting congratulations Neelam adds, “Yes I am very happy. We plan to start a family immediately. We want lots of kids.”


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