Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gadget Show at Last Vegas

The EN-V (Electric-Networked Vehicle) is a two-seat electric vehicle designed to address environmental issues and alleviate concerns about traffic congestion, parking availability, energy consumption and affordability for tomorrow's cities. The EN-V can rotate 360 degrees and be driven in manual mode with a driver or in autonomous driving mood without a driver in the car

A convention attendee uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet

Product demostrator Michelle Rodriguez uses the LG Touch TV

Blackberry representatives show the new PlayBook tablet

A 7-inch Android-based tablet with 3G, WIFI, GPS, USB and HDMI ports and with digital televsion antennae built by PN Devices

Sony Future 3D head mounted display

the massage robots unique sensor technology allows the WheeMe to automatically and silently steers itself over a person's back without falling off or losing its grip. As it moves, WheeMe's four small wheels and the rotor finger gently press and caress providing a massage sensation.


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