Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shahid was present at Priyanka's place when the IT raid happened

The Income Tax department on Monday conducted raids at the homes and offices of two of Bollywood's leading actresses – Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif. The searches began around 7.30 am. 

Senior IT officials said they had information to suggest that both actresses could be involved in tax evasion. "It is only after we were satisfied that there was sufficient reason to believe that they may not have declared their entire earnings, did we decide to conduct the raids," said B P Gaur, DG (Investigation), IT. 

Sources in the IT department said actor Shahid Kapoor – who also lives in Raj Classic on Yari Road – was present at Priyanka's apartment when the I-T team rung her doorbell. Says a source, "Both, Shahid and Priyanka were quite shocked by the raid. Shahid could not leave immediately. So, he remained there for sometime." 

A source close to Shahid and Priyanka confirmed and said, "Yes, Shahid was present at Priyanka's place when the IT raid happened." Both Priyanka and Shahid remained unavailable for comment. 

Priyanka's parents, who live in another apartment on the same floor, were also present during the search. Sources indicate that Priyanka could be the proxy owner of at least four more flats apart from her own in the same premises. Apart from her residence, I-T sleuths also searched her father Ashok Kapoor's clinic and her personal secretary Chand Mishra's home. 

A representative of the actress told Mumbai Mirror that she was scheduled to shoot for Don 2 on Monday, which had to be shelved for the day. 

While there was no information about any seizures made, a team of senior officials was seen entering the apartment of Priyanka Chopra late in the evening. 


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