Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pune Gets 'Hermes' Store

Ramona Narang and Deepika Padukone with their Hermes bags

Mumbai was to get its first Hermes store in early 2011, but the luxury brand decided to open in Pune first.

Hermes India managing director Bertrand Michaud said the luxury brand decided to open in Pune because the city reflected Hermes' goals "to explore, surprise and offer exclusive items."

The Hermes store in Pune will stock the entire range of the luxury brand's accessories as well as its permanent collections. So you will get your favourite Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag there.

However, Mumbai will get its Hermes store soon - maybe by May this year. Earlier, reports said the luxury brand was hoping to open a stand-alone store in the Kala Ghoda-Fort area.


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