Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Limited Edition BlackBerry Bold 9780

Selfridges of London is selling a limited edition BlackBerry Bold 9780 designed by Bill Amberg. 

Bold 9780 retains some of the standard features - 2GB media card, headphones, USB cord. But what's really cool about this special edition phone is the new BlackBerry 6 operating system - which includes touch screen or trackpad interfaces, an HTML5 browser, text-wrapping and pinch to zoom. The OS also supports iTunes and the Windows Media Player. 

Also new in the limited edition BlackBerry is the colour back plate - a first. The cellphone is available in six colours, including the trademark Selfridges Yellow, with only 10 pieces available per colour. 

The phones also come with matching hand-made leather cases.
The phone is available only at Selfridges, for Rs.69,854 (£1,000).


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