Friday, January 7, 2011

Bigg Boss 4 - FINALE

After all the drama in the house past three months, it's time for one to be chosen the winner. So who will it be? Lisa Antao asks participants who lost out... 

Tthe drama will come to an end tomorrow. Past three months all kinds of things have happened in the Bigg Boss' house. Whether it was Veena Mallik's nautanki or Dolly Bindra's loud tamasha (and a softer version of it in her second innings!), viewers did get a huge dose of drama. 

Anyway, now it's all over and among the four final contestants on the show (Ashmit Patel, Shweta Tiwari, Dolly Bindra and The Great Khali), one will be chosen winner tomorrow. So, who will it be? Viewers are speculating, but TOI decided to speak to the contesnts who were on the show, but got booted out over the past few weeks. Here's what they had to say... 

Sakshi Pradhan 
I think it is going to be Ashmit Patel because he is nice guy and he deserves to win. Infact, I'm very much rooting for Ashmit. 

Manoj Tiwari 
In my opinion it's going to be Shweta Tiwari because she is the best of the remaining participants on the show. Despite my bad experiences with her accusing of whatever rubbish about me, I still want her to win. 

Anchal Kumar
Khali and Ashmit are both nice, friendly guys. But I'm rooting for Ashmit because I think he deserves it the most. However, on the the other hand, I have a feeling that Shweta will win. 

Rahul Bhatt 
According to me, it's going to be Shweta Tiwari because she provides good entertainment, has public sympathy because her husband left her plus for the fact that Dolly Bindra went charging after her, it is going to work in Shweta's favour. 

Seema Parihar
I think Shweta and Ashmit are both equally strong contenders right from the beginning and thus, they deserve to win. But I want Shweta to win because she is more deserving because she has her children to take care of. 

Hrishant Goswami 
I'm not sure who is going to win but I'm rooting for Ashmit because he has played fair and not indulged in any back biting. Also, we both bonded well on the show. Factors like luck and public votes ultimately decide the winner but I'm rooting for Ashmit. 

Begum Nawajish Ali
I think Shweta to be the winner because in my opinion, she is certainly the most deserving of the remaining participants. 

Abbas Kazmi 
I'm going to zero it down on either Shweta or Ashmit to be the winners because they both are equally strong contenders. 

Veena Malik
I do not wish to comment on this. 

Sameer Soni
I totally think that Shweta should emerge as the winner because she is very deserving.


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