Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kriti Malhotra Thanks Facebook

 Kriti Malhotra on Facebook
Kiran wanted to cast a fresh face opposite Aamir Khan in her film Dhobi Ghat, one day she was going through facebook and came across Kriti Malhotra's FB profile. Kriti was on Kiran's friend's friend-list. 

The thought of acting never crossed Kriti's mind even once, till Kiran Rao told her she wanted her to audition for the role opposite Aamir Khan. 

So what did Kriti do when she was asked to audition for Dhobi Ghat? She simply went, and gave her best shot and was roped in to play Aamir's love interest. Nervous at first, but excited later on, Kriti says this is the best debut a girl could dream of. Now, if only romancing Aamir was really that easy

See Kirans hand written letter to kriti.....


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